Janis Joplin kicks sooo much ass
I'd like to give her props!
she is as awesome as a warm breeze on a rainy day
and the most ORIGINAL female voice.
(learn something Christina, Whitney and Brittany) )

She may have been an alcoholic But who cares
she sang like no other and still had meaningful songs

her laughter rang for millions of miles
her hair was out of control

she found the time to be one of the most
kick ass sixties radical singers IN THE WORLD

and if I was alive back when she was
I would have dated her! HA

SO HERS to you darling
see you in the sky
past the stars, sun and moons

maybe when we greet in the clouds
we'll have a couple of shots of Southern Comfort!


I just wrote this in five minutes listening to Mercedes benz. I am obsessed with janis joplin, I think she kicks SOOOO much ass (as you have heard) and she deserves a lot more respect then she gets! So yeah please don't flame and don't tell me how much you hate her or how much you think she can't sing... I just posted this for the hell of it. Have fun! byeEEEEEEEEEEEEE