An Angel's Failure


The color fades away so quickly

I stand imprisoned so tightly

Rope bound around me, my wings too

I'm stuck here standing balanced


A small wind could push me off

I would fall to my death quickly

I would know that it's my fault

I wouldn't be able to fight back


Is it my sorrowful fate to die?

I may only wait for an advance

Invigorated suffering floats by

The redeemer cannot be redeemed


So the failed rescue is doomed

Rescuers aren't allowed humanity

We aren't permitted compassion

It's dark and the only color is


I said the only color is blood

Let me gouge my eyes out now

Let me vomit out the loneliness

But I put myself here you know?


So the rescuer needs some rescuing

Everyone needs a redeemer, even me

I will stand on this tall pedestal

Consuming sorrow will hope for wind