A/N: Please note: This really DID happen. About nine last night to be exact ^_^.

How to hide from a stranger, Kairi & Weezul style:

It was a dark, early fall night. It was cold, but me, Allison, and her little brother Elliot were bent on doing a role-play outside regardless. We had been kicked out of the big BACKYARD due to the fact one of Alice's dogs, Lucky, had went and started to play with a possum... whom was playing possum. I knew, because Im already studying to be a zoologist, and could tell it was still alive. So, to avoid being bitten and getting rabies (( Wait... me and Alice already HAVE rabies O.o -foams at the mouth- )), we went into her front yard.

So, just as we were settling into the plot me and Allison were rapidly making up as we went, we noticed a weirdo coming down the street. Well, being the insane children we are, me and Allison got all paranoid and went and hid behind some boxes at the end of her driveway ( near her back fence, not the end that goes to the road.) And hid behind them. It went a bit like so:

Alice: Elliot! Get your butt down!

Elliot: But why?

Me: 'cause we SAID SO. Now crouch down... and put that stupid lightsaber up! -shifts her stick/staff...thingy...!-

Elliot: FINE... T_T; -gets down-

Allison: -gets sorta inside one of the boxes-... Elliot! Quit MOVING!

Elliot: But Im uncomfortableee!

Me: Elliot! Shush! Or I'll come over there and give you to some kidnapper!

Allison: Yeah... we don't know who that guy is!

Me: Yeah, and its PRIME kidnappin' time too!

Elliot: O_O; you mean were all gonna die?!

Me: If you don't shut up, yeah!

-all are silent for 3 minutes-

Elliot: We've been here for like, 6 minutes!

Me& Alice: ELLIOT! Shut it!

Allison: O_O; -inside box, thinkin'- ~ What if a possum comes out and eats me?!~

-2 minutes later-

Elliot: -stands up- lets goooo...

-bangs are heard a street away, caused by someone moving trashcans-

All three: O_O;;;;;;;;

Alice: Eep!

Me: Double eep!

Elliot: O_O;;; can we go in now?!

Me: Maybe I should go out and look?

Alice: Noooo...

-five MORE minutes-

Alice:...'kay... lets go..

Me: O_O;; ack.. legs... so... STIFF X_X;

Alice: O_O;; arg.. mine... too...

Elliot: T_T;; I knew this would happen you weirdos...

And THAT my friends, is a BREIF thingy of what happened last night. May it guide you to what to do if some shadowy dude starts walking down your street while you are roleplaying in your front yard because there was a possum in your backyard...