Bub was a nice guy. He was nice and gentle, even though he was a sumo wrestler. He had been a wrestler all his life because he was BORN to be one. He never won a trophy or anything, but he loved wrestling, and that was why he did it. But he's retired now. He's 75 years old, too old for his favorite sport. So now he just sits on his rocking chair and watches TV. He watches the sport that he loved, and still loves, and wishes that he could be there again, wrestling the other guys.

Now if you think this is going to be a boring story, you're WRONG. And now, think to yourself, how can a story about a sumo wrestler be boring? It can't, right? So, if you are thinking about not reading this EXCITING, INSPIRATIONAL story, you'd better change your mind.

All right, let us start. One day, Bub was out in his peaceful garden, watering his daffodils and listening to the birds singing. He was thinking. About what, you ask? Well, I don't really know. Then he said out loud, "You know, it's about time I went on a diet. All this fat won't do me any good no more, will it? I'm not wrestling no more, and have to realize that it's all over. I'm just too old." He went back into his house and thought about what he just said to himself. It was true. Ever since he retired, he still saw himself as a sumo guy. But he couldn't really wrestle anymore. It was time for him to be OLD.

Bub started his diet. He ate only salads, fruit, and veggie burgers. Everything else was given away to his old sumo friends. He was determined to make his diet work. After the first day he felt proud of himself. But after a few days he started getting sick. His tummy was never full. He always felt tired, yet could not sleep. On the fifth day he went insane. Now, this had never, ever happened to Bub before. It is not often that people get like that. He cried and felt absolutely miserable. He wondered why he even thought about going on a diet in the first place. What an awful idea! He hugged his stuffed cat and said, "Oh Kitty! What am I going to do? I can't stand this any longer! I need REAL FOOD!"