"Cackle cackle! I have eaten sushi! My powers are coming back! Now you will pay Bub! You and your dumb Kitty will die!" Bub started singing. Don't ask me where he got that idea because I really do not know. It was his favorite lullaby, ROCK-A-BY BABY. His mummy used to sing that to him. That song worked wonders. If you'd like to know, Bub is a very good singer. He can make you cry or laugh with his singing. If you don't believe me, you won't believe what Bub does next. So, Bub was singing. His smooth, pleasant voice slowly quieted the Evil Sushi Lady. She had a look on her face. Not an EVIL one, but a sleepy one. Soon she was on the floor sucking her thumb, away in dreamland, dreaming EVIL dreams. Yes, she was asleep. Bub smiled and tiptoed towards the phone behind the sushi place. He called 911. The police came in exactly three minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Bub told them to be very quiet, for the Evil Sushi Lady was sleeping.

"That old lady?" one of the policemen whispered. "Wow! How did you do it? Her robots are scary."

"Kitty power," Bub answered. "Kitty power?"

"It's magic."

"There's no such thing as magic!"

"Then how do you explain the Evil Sushi Lady's powers?"

"Let's talk about this later. First let's get this old lady out of here. She smells funny."

"It's the smell of rotten fish."

That was the end of their talk. Bub was famous the next day. He had saved a whole bunch of stores from a very EVIL person. Now Bub is a legend. That day, the day he defeated the Evil Sushi Lady, February 3rd, was made a holiday. It is a holiday called BUB DAY, when everyone in Bub's little town celebrates by stuffing themselves with sushi and hanging big orange lanterns all over the place. And if you ever go and visit Bub's little town, you'll find everyone hugging stuffed kitties. Everyone there believes in magic. Do you? I do. All right, it is now time to end the story. I am very sad that I have to say THE END now, but before I do, I just want to tell you to share this story with your friends. It is a wonderful story, isn't it? Remember, old sumo guys can be heroes too.