All the pain and sorrow
From things lost tomorrow
I can't help it, they just disappear
And now I can't stop the tears
Friends and family gone with the wind
And now my heart is unable to mend
There is only one thing left to do
But I can't do it without you
But your already gone
And to you I dedicate my favorite song
Without you both I have no strength
No matter my memories or their length
Nothing compares to having you at my side
Today your only in my mind
The trite old saying running through my mind
Your body may have died but you're here in my mind
Maybe you are but I can't tell
All I want is for a ring to come from the bell
And let me see your face again
Many tears have fallen, maybe ten-
billion. All over you
I can't accept it but I know it's true
This can't be right, please tell me it's not
Please tell me it's not
I can't bare to live without you
But when I look, I see that I have to
367 days I have mourned
And a separate few hours have been spent in fresh pain
Both for different people, both connected in spirit
They never met each other, but secretly they both know
Because they both live on inside of me.

This poem is dedicated to my grandma who died a year ago yesterday and my hamster who died this morning. And yes I know I referred to my hamster as a person. And if you have a problem, try having a pet, you'll understand the connection.