Yeah that's right mom,
Fuck you,
Yeah, that's right mom,
I don't want to be like you,

You tell me, What the fuck to do,
What did I ever do to you?
You act like I should respect you,
All I'm gonna do is reject you,

What are you doing now,
That's so much better than before?
What are you doing now,
And why do you want me to do more?

I know you think I can't handle this, mom,
I know your waiting to see me fail.
Your my friend for awhile, mom
Then you let loose, set sail.

Stupid bitch, getting in my way.
Never realizing why it's never tomorrow today.
You don't think I can do this mom,
Well fuck you too.
I'll show you now,
You go out with dad, he'll drink his booze.