Sonnets of the Soul.


I saw you before me,

The vision of what once was,

A guiding light, overpowering darkness.

That vision seems to have faded.

No longer do you offer salvation,

For you too have become hapless.

Feeble dreams we used have,

No more than a false apparition of life.

I get no sleep.

I used to reach out for you,

To abate my starvation.

I used to cry out for you,

To come in my pursuit,

But you refused blindly.

And then I saw the truth,

As clear as a pale morning sky.

The vision before me,

Is not truly you.


If you come in to my world,

I will show its ghostly shadows.

You assume that you know me,

But do you really know yourself?

Do not try to touch me softly,

Even though I am made of glass.

The jagged shards on my windowsill,

Will scratch you like my treacherous past.

I want you to know how I truly am,

Cold, sharp and dangerous.

I am not afraid.

So I will leave my window open;

For I have not yet begun to play.

Ideal World

A billowing breeze,

That sings to me.

An elaborate mirage,

As far as the eyes can see.

Blanched candy-floss clouds,

Gathering once more,

All of them striking,

In their vast, joyful mounds.

This is my reverie;

A rose tinted world.

Give me never-ending dreams,

Would you dare to paint it,

Pink, blue and green?

Let this ideal world touch your soul,

With its everlasting peace.

It's burrowed in a hole,

With lives that hold many keys.

Decadent, exotic beauties will unfurl;

Inside my reverie,

Of an ideal world.

A/N: These poems have been on my computer for ages, so I felt the urge to put them up. I thought I'd end on a light note, seeing as the other two poems were slightly filled with angst. Although 'Ideal World' is a bit sardonic because there's no such thing as an ideal world, so it's being slightly sarcastic.

Question: Do you have any idea of what the message is in my poem 'Window'?... Think about, it's a slight riddle.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!