Thinking of you and Thinking of me
I am sick of all this indecision
Why is it so hard to speak?
Why is it that I want to break and run?
And at the same time stay and dwell
I don't know how to answer your call
Is it the words?
Is it your actions?
Or maybe it's when you acknowledge me, then pull away
Would it be so easy to forget?
And never think of the thought of us again
Or was there even an us?
It was so short yet impacting because it was the first time
We clung to each other because of our hardships
It was a break from the daily abuse
A moment where I didn't have to think
But your words at the same time scared me
I didn't know the depth of feeling
I never experienced something like it before
And I didn't want to become those ones
That you told me that you felt awkward around
But now I'm one of those
Supposed ones that are indecisive in our decisions