From observation at school,I have seen two types of learners:ones who study for the grade,and those who learn for its

Many straight A students are studying because of the grade,and they earn excellent what they don't realize is that the grade may go,but knowledge will remain.

Still,there are others who learn outside of their classrooms,and expand their minds and learn from the strive for knowledge alone and even though they may not earn excellent marks,but chances are,if you obtain knowledge,there will be use for it. br

I realize that grades are important,but the development of the mind seems significant,as well. Of course there are people who have both of these qualities,and I applaud them.

Can the textbook only reader carry on an intelligent conversation outside their textbook topics with anyone? As a student,the textbooks I have studied should be a beginning,and resulting in extention of the topics learning and investigation should be

It would be depressing to see a classroom full of monotonous students memorizing their "Bibles". As a person,one needs to expand his or her mind. Reading different books provide a variety of different opinions,for the reader to decide.

It's not to say that the students want to study so hard by are very academic and competitive,and they push themselves to do it,but more are environment is very harsh and demanding,but it is still the individual's desire that sparks the flames of

*Thank you to all the writers of ,you provide a little more diversity to the world.I honor you as teachers,because you Writing.*