2007 -


I know that I'm not really supposed to post separate 'Author's Notes', but I wanted to get my readers/reviewers opinions on something to do with this story. This was my first ever completed story, written four years ago… and I have to say that it is horribly cliché. I only really keep it up because other people seem to enjoy reading it. :) Thanks for all the support, by the way.

Anyway, since it bugs me to keep up a story that is so… not-extremely-well-written/flat/2D, I was thinking about re-writing it. Fix up the grammar, develop the characters and plot a bit more, etc. The storyline will probably remain basically the same, but there will be definite changes – scene/character deletions and additions, and Caelyn may be eighteen instead of sixteen.

So, two questions for you (the readers):

1. Would you be interested in a re-write, or would you prefer it to just be left alone? (Reasons are appreciated, but not necessary) :)

2. If there were to be a revised edition, should I just replace the chapters as I go or start a whole new story? (Note: I will probably only start a whole new story if there is enough interest, and when that story is completed I will think about taking down the old version).

Any other feedback would be great, and – if you have the time – please check out 'Faking Clever', my newest story. Lots of people are clicking on to it, but I'm getting no reviews, so I'd love to know whether there is a reason for that and if I can improve on something.


Niccy. xx