Night Winds


We all have our seasons as the wheel turns never-ending

Sometimes they turn go fast and sometimes they turn slow

But eventually the wheel will pass another cold winter

Through good n' bad, happy n' sad, and somewhere in between


I look around this now barren land on a starless night

It's hard to believe that grass once did grow here at all

It's like winter all over again without snow that numbs it

The snow is what kills it all so silently, why is it dead?


The cold snow kisses it all away numbing and killing life

There is no numbing in this facing to the finite existence

It was hollow, rotting and getting eaten alive from inside

It's like the killing without ending the cruel incessant pain


Like a fire struck down from the clouds on a dark night

Unexpected and uninvited to call for the unsolicited death

There could be no cry for help yelped out or whispered

A lonely heart not strong enough to call for a companion


How it did die will remain a secret even the stars don't know

The clouds had seen little of it as they pass by impassively

But there are no signs of a tarnished land from lashing burns

No winter so cold that it would stops spring from coming


A shiver so bone chilling all I can do is pull up my cloak over

Lean against the dead tree for some support and look around

Such a land that is so dead, the type of place a ghost dwells

The only contemplated theory worthy of mention now is gone


From time to time friends slip away silently into the darkness

Cold and lonely, the person so dead, the tears can't come out

Some may even hurdle in following the comrade all too late

Consumes the heart in a lonely thought, death while still living


I feel it here, but do you?

Doesn't matter really…

It's too late for it to matter

Death has already taken its toll