From the interior outwards, I die.

[[ I refuse to see you. I deny you my body, which you so persistently ravage. I will never acknowledge what it is you do. ]]

Still, I cannot deny the chill caressment of nocturnal atmosphere upon my epidermis; its sweet kiss soothing the sting reminiscent of the unceremoniously hasty removal of the woven covering which had served as my adornment. Unwelcomed flesh, viscid with its own salinated secretions, presses to and shakes my unresponsive corpse. Although my consciousness has fled in terror, the tiny fraction which lingers undead cries out in pitiful denial and through sheilded visionaries, the thick drops from my hiding eyes comence their fall.

Digits in possession of one who is not myself manipulate my abandoned carrion. Muscles and nerve endings flex and obey without the presence of my conscious dictatorship, the sensations thereassociatedwith foreign and unseen to me.

The pleasures gained from this unwilling ravage of my personage, does it truly grant so much? Your desire is beyond my comprehension.

And now you've left my quarters, just so swift and indifferently as your journey to me. My corpse quivvers as a leaf clinging to its arborial residence through the violence of angered breezes. The scent of your wretched presence lingers upon all your filthen touch has reached. Your secretions and my own lay intermingled atop me, and now of myself I am repulsed.

Can't you please just explain to me - why?