A/N: Don't be mad because of the title. . . knowing my poems, you'll have
nothing to worry about! When you read this, keep in mind that you must
search inside yourself to find the "inner meaning".

Cats Will Die by Sanderek

In the silence of the night
I feel so confused.
Black ravens peck at my window.
The glass cracked,
So did,
My soul.

Black, Rain, Broken,
Withering to Dust.

Rainbows, Roses,
Die, Distrust.

Icy diamond tears
Pierce my mind,
My heart, my body.
Then, I clap my hands.

Hey Macarana!
Don't cry for me. . .
I am bound by chains.
The prints in the sand,
My life. . .

Black wings, white eyes,
Rags, ink.
Shadows fall against
My face.
I hate the tales and
Pause of warmth.
Two teeth sink in.

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