A/N: Another poem! Find the "inner meaning" as you read this poem! It's a
free verse, like all of them so far! In the review tell me how it made you
feel. . . LOL!

Dogs Will Live by Sanderek

Red dye on my
Finger tips.
All time moves,
Moving me,
Moving me, slowly.

A past, a key,
A door opened
Only to summon
Unprecedented fear.

Pushed and pulled
By the war of me.
I am sinking in
The chocolate pudding
Of despair.

I feel flush, a pat on
My head.
Rising in perfection.
No longer dead.
I am.

Red skies, she sings,
Scorn, torn, river.
Light flashes in
My eyes.
I love the tales and
Pause of warmth.
Light deep within.

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