Internal War
©2003 Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

My true self is hidden
Beneath an invisible veil
Of black and white
My vision is blurred

Through the tears I see better
Through the pain I have realizations
I'm not worth their time
I'm worthless

Crimson kisses adorn my flesh
My vision is blurred
By black and white tears
The veil has come down

The wall is half down
I'm bracing myself
For the pain I will soon feel
It hurts.

I barricade my heart
So the pain won't be
As intense as it should be
I still fall to it

The kisses embrace me
My façade goes on
I lie to myself
I can't face the reality

The wall has fallen
I'm hurting again
I'm wounded from my fight
With a half sharpened knife

It will take time
But the wall will rebuild
Only to fall again
To my unsuspecting heart