Impressions in Blood
©2003 Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

An artist can paint a picture
An author can tell a story
A composer can write an opera
But a cutter can make a lasting impression

Impressions in Blood
Is a cutters work
The razor; their tool
Their body; their art.

Slice by slice
So precise
Each cut is
A masterpiece in itself

A cutter will paint a picture
Their skin they use as their canvas
The razor is their paintbrush
Their blood is their color pallete.

A cutters razor tells a story
Her scars contribute as well
She is the author, her razor her pen
Her body, the book she has written.

She composes an opera
Her silent screams ring as she slices through her skin
Her tears add to the music and dialogue
Her masterpiece is complete

She slices through her pale, white flesh
Adding color, music, and words.
Impressions in Blood is her work
And her work can never be bought.