Teddy Bear Hugs
©2003 Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

She pressed her face
To the cold tiled floor
Tears ran down her cheeks
Her teddy bear waits patiently beside her.

Blood runs down her arm
Making a puddle on the floor
Her knife lay near her body
Red blood staining the silver blade.

Her teddy bear lay near her
It's arms open wide
She pulls it tightly to her chest
And cries into it's soft white fur

Her salty tears mix with the blood
That lay upon the ground
Turning it to a pinkish colour
As it grows larger

She lay there staring
Into the blackest night
Hugging her teddy bear
And crying with all of her might

The cinnamon spider
Covered in crimson kisses
Lay there sobbing
As angels die.

The colour is draining from her face
Her body will be lifeless soon
She continues to cry and scream
Hoping peace will finally come

She takes her knife in her hand
And slowly drags it across her wrist
Deepening the cut
And making the blood come in waves.

Pain shoots through her body
The familiar beautiful pain
She's tried this once before
But this time she's determined.

This girl is determined to die
She can't take the pain anymore
She hugs her teddy bear tightly
As she is left lifeless on the floor