More than autumn leaves are dieing

I'm selfish for asking for help

People have their own problems

I'm tired of giving and giving is done

My feelings are dead and nothing to give

The last bit that cares about anythingCalling out for someone to save me

But no one is actually here for me

In the end it's always just talk

Worse, easily they can be there

It seems like it's been forever

Since you said I love you to me

Without me saying it first to you

What do you expect of me?

To carry on supporting others

When it's finally time for my own

It's time for me to be little selfish

As so many others have been to me

And have said they'd do it back

When it came time I needed it

But here the time has come

And I'm caressing me

No one is here

It's just me

For me


I'll handle it like I usually do

And go back to caring for others

I'll handle it like I usually do

But I'll know in my heart you lie

That when you promise to help me

When it comes time to help me

You won't

So goodbye

You've had you chance, bye

You know it's so simple to tell

Tell someone you love them

I'm tired of waiting to hear

I'll just assume you don't

Cause I've said I've needed it

And you do too time to time

And I said it

Lifes not fair I guess

So goodbye

I won't try

Not anymore

No more


I leave wondering one last thing

Why aren't people getting my message

That I need to be saved now

I've sent a blunt and direct message

Yet no one has come to me

Yet people still say they're here

My energy has been drained

Lend me some of yours

As I lent you mine

Some time ago

Save me

I'm sorry I say goodbye and plead now again

Please, I beg, I plead, save me cause you care

You care about me enough to not see what'll..

What'll happen if I'm not saved here

You're not a perfect angel

Who isn't damned

But that doesn't mean you don't have power

To do something and save me

You have it so easily

Why won't you save me


A skipped beat


My heart is beign torn

Tears flood my eyes

I've called for too long

And no one's heard me plead

Should I hold on a bit more for it

For my knight on shining armor again?

I'm to weak and tired to wait

I'm letting go of waiting

I'm letting go