How do I Feel?

Who here can tell me that I'm wrong in what I do?
Ya'll tell me this, tell me that, why don't ya look at ya own livin'
We see each other's fall, tellin' each other "Ya'lls the fool!"
but truly fellas, can you blame me for telling the truth?
Look at ya'lls life, look at how ya'll act,
I'm not tryin' to be mean, not trying to be blamin'
I see how I act too, but I'm giving ya'lls the fact.

"See fellas, I'm here, suffering and drownin'
For ya'll, I drown in the sea of bleadin'
but ya'lls don't see it, ya'lls don't care,
everything for ya'll is a game that is just fair.
You see, the only truth when it all comes up is just livin' it
in the end, I want cha' be declarin' it
Give up hope on me, I'll give up hope on you,
You act like you don't care bouts me,
You said, "How so?" well, just look who you be hangin'
standing up for what I am, that's what I wanna be watchin'
but all I see and hear are ya'lls sitting there, laughin' at all their
even when I be sreamin', ya'll don't hear me, ya'll go on with ya'lls
Realize now how I feel? realize what cha' been doin'?
I can sit and tell you all day, tell you all night
but as long as you don't change your heart, you ain't goin' on the flight
So, listen to me once listen to me good,
Ya'll better the thinking straight, coz up here, there's lots of food
you be thinkin', you be considerin'
but in the end, you only have one choice to be makin' "

I'm sorry for all ya'lls feeling and soul
I'm sorry ya'll, for being so cold,
but I gots ta' tell what I feel
I gots ta' tell it coz God asked me to heel.
It ain't easy, it ain't peachy,
but what ya'lls gots ta to is let go,
and let God take of ya'lls lifes that's so patchy.