This is dedicated to my true love...I love you

When we first talked to each other on the net
I thought we were just going to be friends
Or maybe just acquaintances for that matter

But somehow we bring up a conversation
Relating to something we have in common
And then we start talking more and more

Then that one day you told me you loved me
I thought what you said to me was all a joke
But you told me it was all true; you loved me

Later on, I start to love you, but not the same
But you sent me emails of the cutest stuff
and then I feel more love for you than ever

Months later, I start to tell you I love you
You start loving me more, as I started to do
And look where it's got us right now

We'll finally meet each other for the first time
And we both become desperate to meet
Plan to look into each other's eyes and kiss

Today we will meet, and I have met you
You are a lot better than how I imagined
You must be thinking the same as me

Now we love each other million times
More than we thought in our minds
Ar least we know now we'll always
Love each other millions time more