The Dance
Music floats through the forest glen as if the angels have decent from
heaven just to give us a private concert. I take a seat on a moss covered
log and wait for the performance to begin, nods calmly folded in my lap.
She steps into a thin shaft of light streaming through the tree tops,
heaven lent us a spotlight just for this. She stands, head down, arms at
her sides, feet shoulder-width apart, and waits for the director's cue.
Somewhere in the branches above, a mussy haired angel clothed in a suit of
fawn brown pushes back his bangs, looks to the heavens, and smiles. He
raises his arms up and the music begins. Perfectly harmonized voices float
long sung arias to our ears as the orchestra and harps of gold accompany
them. Her arms rise up and her head lifts towards the light and she smiles
seductively as she begins her dance. Note by note, measure by measure,
score by score, the dance and the music flow. She seems so beautiful, so
otherworldly, and I start to cry. I cry for all the things that I could
never have and the fact that she seems so far from me at this moment. A bun
at the base of her neck is taken down in one graceful movement and a
billowing mane of gold floats down upon her shoulders accentuating her
movements even more. The music and dance are perfectly timed with each
other, hips sway with the moving chords and hands glide through the air in
movements timed with that of the angelic conductor above. I close my eyes
and am whisked away into a brilliant light of peace and understanding and
security. Then, the music stops. My eyes pop open and I look around at my
surroundings. I am sitting on a bench in the back of an alley and my
beautiful ballerina is now someone I do not recognize. She stands, hair as
limp as the hand holding a cigarette at her side and her eyes pierce
through my soul with the stare of a hardened whore. This is reality, this
is the life I live in, the other was just a dream, a fantasy. I sit back as
she comes closer and let the tears fall freely. She is no longer my angel,
she never was. But sometimes if I close my eyes and listen really closely I
can still hear the music playing..