Children of War: the Thawing of Winter's Night

The Burial

The sky was pale, as if it was still trying to cling to winter, though it was a month gone. Or maybe it was just the goddesses reaction to the loses of their people, and their sadness that day. Many gathered outside the cave, which was more like a tomb, where all the fallen had been placed as a final resting place. They crowded outside, the weeping masses of people, all soldiers, all knights; there to honor the dead. None where allowed inside out of respect for the grave site all accept for eight. The crowd parted, bowing their heads in respect, for they were heroes, just like there fallen friends they came to say their good-byes to.

The party descended down to stairs into the deathly cold of the first chamber. They bowed to all the numerous dead soldiers placed in the room, but then turned into a side room, usually reserved for the fallen generals. Six stone coffins had been laid in this room. Yet none were true generals, never named so, for they all were barely old enough to be decent soldiers, yet they were. The party, as young as their comrades, stared at the coffins, seeing the dates. None had lived past twenty, the youngest only fourteen.

All eight traveled the room, two Champions of the Goddesses, four Angels of the Provinces. All had been so full of hope, to see the new Terthras. A country they helped back into being yet would never see it in its glory.

Nine Angels, Five Champions, like every major war before this last with the Demons. They were fourteen strong. Some of them were new found friends, or companions. Others were old comrades, some new flames. And like those before them they had to fight in a war they didn't start. They had to fight for a country they didn't loose, all were no older then ten when the Demons started to take over. They lost so much before they even had a chance to fight for it. But the chance they were given later is a tale no one will ever forget.