Orange Dreams

"Once upon a time in a place where no one was on time simply because time was too proud, everyone lived under the code of Orange. You see, nobody ever wants to be alone, so the government created Project Orange. Better known as a Simulated Hive Mind. Everyone shared the time thoughts, dreamed the same dreams and saw things through the eyes of everyone. Little lost children were always found and no one lived alone. The people said it was bliss, and there were no more wars and no more misunderstandings and everyone was fed, because it made no sense to take care of only one part of yourself. Then one day, or maybe one night, for it was always day somewhere, a child was born.

'This child was, simply put, different. He thought his own thoughts, dreamed different dreams, and saw things only through his own eyes. Everyone under Project Orange thought this was horrible.

'"That one could be born all alone, separated from the rest of the world! It's awful!"

'A child that could be lost, could be so segregated from the rest of society that others had to speak to understand him was ludicrous. The child was a curiosity, and curious things are impossible in the world of Orange, everything was understood without words. So the child simply was no more. He escaped from one world of silence to another and was never heard or thought of again.

'And that, class, was the end of humanity... Any questions?

'Good. Now, if you could turn your textbooks to page three. . ."