To Rescue My Lucky Sister

To tear you away from them,

From all of them,

Has been my goal

Since I met you.

He was never good for you.

I told you, on many occasions.


Perverted bastard.

And you two are no better.

She deals with you every evening.

The reason she runs away.

The reason she stays with friends.

The reason she laments nightly.

Don't touch her.

I'll kill you.

Don't hurt her.

I'll rip your soul out.

Don't kill her.

I've tried to be nice.

Futile efforts.

I loathe you with every fiber of my being.

You hell demons.

Spawn of Satan, everyone of you.

Sleep with one eye open,

Lest my blade finds your throat this night.

The closest person I have to a sister.

She is my sister.

I love her.

You'll never understand that.

Because you never loved her.

You never will.

You love yourselves.

You love pain.


Fooling everyone you meet.

You don't fool me.

You don't fool us.

Every opportunity I have,

I have used to lift her up.

To make her smile.

To hear her laugh is to hear the Angel Choir.

Silver bells with golden strings

On a navy blue winter night.

Every opportunity you got,

You dragged her deeper,

Deeper into the fog of depression.

If you take her there again.

If you drag her down.

If you ever hurt her again,

Like you've done daily,

I'll kill you.

I'll do worse than kill you.

You'll wish you were dead.

Don't hurt my lucky, dear sister.