The night of the Shapeshifter
Chapter 1

It was late in the afternoon when the unexpected happened.

Twenty year old Chris Daved killed. While he was on a date with his girlfriend
seventeen year old Alxa James. They were in the back seat of his car. Making
out when they heard a knocking sound on the window.

"Did you hear that?" Alxa said looking a little scared.

"Hear what?" Chris said smiling.

"That." she said.

"I didn't hear anything." Suddenly loud scratching sounds came
from by the right front door.

Alxa begged her boy friend to go see what was out there. At first he refused
but she kept bothering him till he gave out and finally went out there.

He looked around for a while. After a bit he came over the the window and told
her that there was nothing out there. Then blood started coming out of his

The girl screamed in horror.

Then blood started tearing from his eyes. Suddenly one eye popped out. And
landed on Alxa's leg.

"Chris this isn't funny!" she wailed.

Then blood started coming out of his neck. Then his head fell of and the blood
squirted every where spraying all over Alxa.

And she realized that this wasn't some sick joke that her boyfriend was pulling
like he usually does. She quickly bolted from the car not shutting the door
behind her.

She ran into the woods.

Faster and faster she ran hoping to find help. She kept hearing voices
in her head. Calling her name.

"Alxa...Alxa.." they called. "It's me.. You're going to die Alxa."

Alxa screamed back "Who are you?! Leave me alone!"

"We can't... We have to kill you... Now!" The voices called back to her.

Than she went to pieces blood all over the place.

The voices started laughing.

"I told you. You were going to die. Alxa. Hahaha"

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