A/n: I did not write this! I'm currently actually on a very wonderful
happiness swing, as the poem I plan on posting after this will express.
Ever single person in my Creative Writing class contributed to this poem,
one line a person. So, really only one line is mine and I edited a few
lines here and there so that it sounded a lil bit better... also, there's
a line about a 9 Millie, that was written by a guy who has no clue about
girls and suicide, you'll understand later. But, please review... I'd like
to know what you think; I'm considering rewriting it in my own style/words.

The crystallized salt still lingered upon her cheeks,
Coughing up blood, coughing in pain,
You can see the despair residing her eyes,
You can hear her heart shatter in the silence,
Her voice is empty and lacking all emotion,
Her heart barren with darkness,
She is still alone,
With no one she loves near,
Now just empty and hallow,
Her life just isn't what it used to be,
Without hope she dies happily,
A sad, long, painful, desired death,
It's ok though because no one was watching,
And no one would even care,
She wouldn't be remember for much longer,
The children's laughter that killed her,
Would continue to roar day in and out,
So she whipped out her nine Millie,
And locked her eyes shut,
They began to water slightly,
Then exploded into oceans,
Of crimson, burning pain,
As she pulled the stiff trigger,
And left the world behind her,
As sterile as she had begun,
Void of Praise,
Mellow nothingness,
No one understood,
And she took with her,
Her heavy-hearted secret,
It was nothing more now than,
A token of black,
A token of nothing.