A/N: This story takes place in a so-called "different universe." Some character's ages and lives may be altered, only slightly not to worry, to go along with the little plot. Thank you for your understanding!

Elsa had packed many clothes in the little amount of time that she had to pack. She had only tonight to pack due to finishing up around her little apartment. She packed a good amount of her wardrobe that considering her background was quite a lot of clothes.

Elsa's mother was a housewife coming from an average family. Elsa's father was another story. He was a strict college professor who'd managed to rise to the upper social status himself. His students thought of him as the supreme ruler of the classroom. Disobey him and be punished, or embarassed depending on his mood. Other professors looked upon him for advice, help, and knew him as a strong man who was the best professor in all of Bavaria. Not only did they like him, but some of the Luftwaffe men he knew were the father's of young Luftmen. Her father, Klaude, was a die- hard Hitler fan.

Elsa looked at the picture of her and her siblings taken last year on Christmas day. This year she would not be with them for Christmas, but rather skiing down the side of the Alps. In the picture she admired her brother Edmund who was two years younger than she. Elsa was the eldest of five children. Edmund was almost born to be in the world of buisness and surely he would suceed and do very well. He also wanted to move to New York city. Next she looked at Katja's face. Katja was more of her best friend than her sister. Katja was four years younger than her and wanted to become a persue a career in being a lawyer. Numerous times it had been said it's better to agree with her to spare yourself of hearing out every reason she was right. Not only that, but she was too cunning for her own good. Next in line after Katja was Sasti. She was only 6 and cold melt even the coldest person. Finally there was little Anton. A brat who had horrible tantrums. Elsa hated to admit it, but she was greatful to get away from the two year old terrorist.

Sighing, Elsa stashed the photo in her suitcase and zipped it closed. With much difficulty. Dreamily she dazed off into space as she placed the suitcase near her bed. She needed to be out of here for 6am to catch her 7am train to Salzburg, Austria. She'd had her heart focused on skiing for a long time. She hadn't skiied in almost a year and it was her favorite past time. How she longed to glide down the hills of snow and manuever around trees and such. She also was the type who enjoyed going off the track into ditches and "bunny hops" where she could have a slight rush of adreneline.

Closing her eyes she settled down in her bed and noted the clock said that it was 2am. She needed sleep. Shutting off her light she attepted to sleep, but alas, insomnia lurked upon her for a good vacation. Not only did she look foward to skiing, but she was also single. "Perhaps I'll have a good letter to write to Martina when I get back. One of the few times being single has advantages. One never knows who they'll meet on top of the Alps!"

If only she knew. . .