The fluttering happiness
That dances swiftly
Across my tender cheeks

The comforting tranquility
That rests safely
At the very core of my being

The fulfilling wholeness
That continuously radiates
Throughout my welcoming body

You can't take those from me
I wont let you strip me clean anymore
Your control no longer applies to me

The bellowing laughter
That endlessly echoes
Intensely within my mind

The lack of all things pessimistic
That once consumed me entirely
With each new breath I inhaled

My love for life and all its flaws
That once was just an unreal guise
To allow the selfish beasts to rest soundly

You can't change any of that
I won't let you anymore
Your pathetic mind games no longer work

You're not comprehending.
You don't faze me anymore
You were just another obstacle

This is such a simple concept, really
It's not too difficult to grasp
Here let me help you:

Extend your hand and feel my heart
Do you feel that?
It's still beating, even without you

Place your ear to my chest
Can you hear my breathing?
My breath is steady as I speak to you

Stare deep into my piercing eyes
They aren't stained, are they?
I haven't shed a single tear for you

Well...just that one but no one knew
So it doesn't count right?
It was just between you and I

It froze rigidly upon my cheek
As you spoke those icy words
There it stayed for many days

Until one day its sting was just too strong
I smiled ever so radiantly
And in seconds it was gone...

That was the first
And last
Tear I will ever shed for you.