~~This poem is written in memory of my grandpa, who passed away on Aug 17, 2003. It is written from the perspective of my grandma, who have shared 60 winters with him. This is my very first time to publish any of my works... A special thanks to Mrs. Catherine Li, and I hope you guys enjoy the poem =)


(In memory of my grandpa, who passed away in Aug 17, 2003)

Gently I take hold of his hand,

Hoping, hoping it could hold me back.

I wish I could look into his eyes

Which had always looked straight into mine

With tenderness, with respect, with love...

But now eyelids are there to block the way.

I wish I could hear his voice

Which had spoken to me so many times

About flowers, about our sons, our love...

But reality tells me "this is the end".

Toghether we have been for so many decades,

For so many, many, many years.

While trees regrow the leaves they've shed

I am crying alone beside his bed.

For so many years I was never alone,

"I" had been long replaced with "we"

There was never a thing to separate us,

Not arguments, nor career, nor sicknesses,

But I wasn't aware death was on his way

Ambushing him with a surprise attack

So cruel, so hard, so very fatal,

Leaving his wife a shattered spirit

Which can never, never, never be healed.

I long for our joyful reunion someday, somewhere

In a place where there is eternity.