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Jed stared out of the dusty window, his eyes staring through the grime, and out, onto the wasteland. The coach crunched the gravel, as it pulled into a dingy car park, lit by large overhead lamps; they cast a dull orange glow over everything. The fat man who had welcomed them all onto the coach stood up, fiddling with his moustache nervously, and bellowed. "Welcome to Ringleton Quarry, please report to the main desk to be assigned a room, and to get a key. Any accidents should be reported immediately." Jed sighed. It had been a long day, and he was ready to collapse. He had come from the suburbs of Manchester, to work in the quarry, in Cornwall a distance of over 500 miles. He had been convicted along with ten friends of taking drugs, this was his punishment, and although he was paid, it was minimum wage. He stifled a yawn, and grabbing his duffel bag, joined the queue to leave the coach. He stepped down from the coach, stretching, and walked over to the large building marked 'Reception' and signed in. He was one of a batch of 250 workers, drafted in at the reopening of a tin mine in Far West Cornwall, and, instead of using machinery; they had decided to use manual labor.

He got assigned to a room, and dropped his bags on the floor, and nodded to another boy about his age occupying the second bed in the room. He walked down the corridor, along the linoleum-carpeted floor, trash bordering it like a safety rail.

He was an only child, and had lived in a tiny flat in Manchester with his parents, in a rough area. The idea of actually working while at school had never crossed his mind, and his parents were a stereotypical poor couple, who sent their child to the local sink school; a school where every desk was engraved with initials, and some sort of reference to either people being Gay, or eating shit. The teachers had long since given up caring, and had all got the dull look of pure hatred and boredom. They would curl into second hand cars, and would visualize running over every single annoying child they could see. Jed had tried to learn, but It was difficult, most people at his school preferring to think of '101 ways to become an anarchist' and that was why he had wound up working at a quarry, miles away from his home.

Jed glanced at his schedule, arranged in shifts of 8 hours. He had 8 hours free to sleep, then to go to the recreation area, and then work. Most people would refuse at the long hours that Jed had to do, but he just considered it like his school. 8 hours of hard labor then sleep then hard labor. Most of the people here were either dropouts, ex military, or just fat old people that nobody really wanted. He didn't really know what think about this prospect. He wandered down the hall, his eyes straying into every room, sometimes meeting the angry glare of other workers. He reached the end of the corridor, a door straight in front of him, almost hanging off its hinges. He swung it open; stepping out into the courtyard they had pulled up in, the coach still waiting nearby, the engine running. What had looked grand approaching it was now looking seedy, run down and out of date. "Oh well" he said to himself, "at least you're earning money". A scream cut through the air, piercing the silence, shattering the air around him. He twisted his head, craning to see where the noise had come from.

Jed just caught sight of a figure dragging someone past the wire fence, bending low, and heading towards the mines. Jed ran after them, not stopping to think. He caught a glimpse of the fat man on the coach out of the corner of his eye, helplessly waddling after Jed, waving his arms and shouting about paperwork and unauthorized entrances.

Jed ignored him, and kept on running, his pace quickening even though he knew he didn't need to, the man couldn't catch a bus. He reached the mine, his feet crunching on the gravel. He slowed to a walk; conscious of his movement he stopped just outside the entrance to the first mine, a pile of hard hats lying nearby. Grabbing one from the pile, he walked into the mine, its ugly black mouth leering in the sunlight. Jed walked slowly in, straining his eyes to see in the darkness. His eyes gradually adjusted to the light, and he carried on going further into the tunnel. Condensation was running off the ceiling, dripping every few seconds and making a puddle of water rapidly growing in span on the floor. Jed leaped this. Jed's back heel landing with a splash on the edge of it.

Making several turns, to the left, to the right, to the left again. Jed had found it easy so far, having just followed the tunnel, but now he had reached a fork. He knew about these mines, they could go on for miles underground, and if he wasn't careful, he'd get stuck down one of the machine tunnels, which nobody checked unless something blew up or collapsed. Jed knew he couldn't go further, not unless he was sure of the way. He turned, worried about the person he's seen in here, and trudged out, walking back into the sunlight, making him close his eyes, at the brightness, even though it was about 3 in the afternoon.

Fat man ran up to him, tugging at his moustache.

"What did you think you were doing? Haven't we stressed the rules enough? The mines open tomorrow! Not today!" He said all this in a half-angry, half annoying sing song tone, of someone with so little power, that they found it was fun to find someone who they actually had power over, and make their lives hell.

Jed shrugged his shoulders, and gestured towards the mine "But I was going because." The fat man cut him off "No, you know the rules, you are not allowed into the mines alone or without a pass and identity badge". Jed away from the man, his mind still asking questions about what he had seen. Tomorrow he would find out what was happening, he decided, and tomorrow the fat man can't be everywhere.

Jed went back to his room, unlocking it with his keys, and collapsing onto his bed, the fatigue from his journey hitting him in a wave, and sending him to sleep as soon as he hit the bed.