These remnants of ages past,

Hang on me like scraps of clothing,

They linger on in the recesses of my mind,

Undisturbed by ominous tidings.

Of memories left untouched,

Travel through the streams of time,

To come to paradise lost,

Tattered and worn.

I'll arrive only to find that I have just left.

Speak but nary a thought enters your mind,

Consequences left unhindered,

Advice better left unsaid.

Bitter-sweet memories cloud your judgment,

None aiding you,

All vying for your attention,

Slowly destroying you from the heart.

Lose yourself within this pristine cage you made yourself,

A prisoner of your own limitations,

A fool left to his own devices,

Look at how it sparkles and shines for you now.

Haunting premonitions have come to call,

Seeking that which you have made your own,

Wanting that which you have indebted to yourself,

Broken promises are the norm now.

Act now,

Ask questions later,

Or risk losing it all in the name of fanaticism,

Proof that beggars can't be choosers.