Beautiful child of Zion
Hear my words and receive them
There has been no greater joy
Than that of watching you grow
And seeing you slowly remember
Who you once were

Now all I can say
Is that I love you more than you know
That my heart sings at your voice
That I cry with happiness when you smile
That you're the most beautiful being
That I've fallen madly in love with you

In the depths of my heart
There glows a passionate fire
That burns for my morning stars
I want only for you to experience this love
But you seem to fear it
You always withdraw

Don't you hide in that shell
You're much too special
Don't think you're not worthy
You deserve it all
The only part of you I see is pure
The sound of your heartbeat's all I care about

Precious child, how I cherish you
My love, how I need you
Don't you ever forget
That I'd be nothing without you
My undying love for you can't fail
Nor can I lie when I say I'm empty without you

How I wish I could express this
But the only way's to take my hand
I'll always be here beside you
Walking with you along these shore lines
Waiting for you remember who I am
So I can express to you how I feel

And every time I see
Your smile
Your laugh
Your face
Your eyes
I fall in love all over again