The Edge

Cold and now and then,

I shiver.

From outside

The window of

The room within,

So I sit

And shiver yet

From fear of

What awaits at the edge

In cool night breeze

The singles are

Beneath my feet.

And as I

Look to the edge

I allow my fears

To grow,


I see inside

My mind

The image of

My drawing near

To the side of

The rooftop

The edge,

And falling off.

I almost feel

The cold wet grass

On my aching self

At last.

I shrink back

Afraid to think

Peering at the edge

Through near-frozen

Light peach hands

Frosty lashes there

To blink

The fear

That grips me

Fails to cease.

And I know

That in this

Silence and this night,

I've never felt

A worse fright

To think of dying

Here on top,

Of my cozy

Little house.

Numbness chills me,

Calls me still,

And I shake

Bending at it's

Will for me.

I huddle up,

Still scarred

Still frozen,

Knowing of

The thoughts

That pass.

So then I

Creep towards

The still-open


A frightened

Tear does pass

Onto my cheek,

As I slink

Back into my room,

I know

The Edge

Will be my doom…