Of Dreams and Realities

I look at my bed across the room,
See our entangled limbs as they once were.
The light scent of you immistakable upon my sheets,
Sending me waves of pleasure through my body.
Your touch, binding like the spell it is,
Drives me to ecstasy when we are together.
...And even when we are not.
Experienced fingers playing me like an instrument
That I can feel the pleasure of your soul.
I hold you close to me and listen to your heart,
Beating fast as I nip at your neck with my teeth.
I remembered your sensitive spots,
And you discovered a few of mine.
I'll dream of being in your embrace tonight,
You next to me in my bed.


I love knowing that I can call you mine,
That my place is by your side at the moment.
My partner in competition and in love,
I still hold the image of holding you in my mind.
Your warmth and mine intermingled as one.
My youko, hold your bite for someone else,
Lest I have to bite you back harder.
Or, rather, I'd enjoy that as much as you.
I'll protect you and hold you as long as you know your place,
So don't betray my trust by fighting against me.
Love, I'm a gentle fighter,
But not afraid of tackling your aggression.
However, I'd rather lock jaws than lock claws with you,
As I'm a passionate one in my own right.