My Modest Proposal

We all know that nobody wants to get old and that many people often go through the traumatic thought of turning into an old, grumpy, ancient and useless citizen; a drain of the economy and society in general. It is sad when we are out running errands or perusing the stores and window shopping and we see an elderly resident of the town, hobbling down the street followed by the display of them attempting to carry their shopping aswell.

These old people are suffering unnecessarily with the knowledge that they are useless members of the population and I am certain that the world would be much more efficient community, economically and otherwise, without elderly populace.

Think of all the time and money that is wasted on the aged.

Many citizens once past a certain age are unable to function for themselves and must be put in homes where their needs are taken care of and they are looked after for twenty-four hours a day. These nursing homes are taking up government funding which could be used instead on the school system and the education of children, who are the future of our world. Aged and elderly people also take up rooms in hospitals; they're going to die anyway, why keep them alive with modern technology and life support when these machines and equipment could be used alternatively for the care of productive members of the population?

Therefore, I think that my solution is the answer to this predicament.

I think that if I could just get important figures of authority to listen to my suggestion then they would agree and congratulate my initiative.

This is what I suggest; all citizens, once they reach a particular age, let's say seventy years old, and cease to be useful in the community, should be painlessly disposed of by doctors in an establishment, specialising in this field. These doctors will be specifically trained for their job and will be funded during their tuition for this job of ridding the world of useless people. Any individual who has the courage defy and object to my plan will also be disposed of, but not so painlessly as the elderly persons.

Another supplementary benefit of my inspired proposal is that with all the old citizens gone then the over population of the world would no longer be an issue. Elderly people surprisingly make up 1/20 of the worlds population; that's 280 million old people being the cause of today's unsatisfactory drain on global resources.

I am not able to bring to mind any valid reasons for protests against my suggestion and once it is approved by the significant figures in power then the collective population as a whole will see what a magnificent transformation my plan has brought about.

Nevertheless, I am not so biased and intolerant that I wouldn't even contemplate other people's ideas to solve this dilemma; however their plan would have to be as suitable and adequate as my own.

I have no private gain in the outcome and success of my brilliant suggestion and all I want to do is make the world community more productive and efficient.