I have no emotions
so how the hell am I suppose to write
a good solid poem

my inside soul is empty and missing
the writer in me as fleed

but still all I want to do
is sit and write a poem
to you, to god, to the devil himself

I just want to write so badly
I can feel it in the dark empty spot
where my soul was kept

is it too much to ask
to write one lousy
stinking poem

just for the feel of emotions
just the feel of love

but still the music comes on
and brings me to tears
inspiration and perspiration
comes with out fear
I try and write what I inspired
but yet, alas nothing gets written

this is my sorrowful song that I write
it cant be a poem because I don't write

have you noticed through out this "poem"
when it has lost its edge and lost its mind
I got off subject severl times
and never looked back

this is why I don't write
it turns into crap

all I want is just to write
one lousy poem

A/N: lately I've been wanting to write poems... but yet when I start to think of things to write... it gets all... crappy and ends up not being written. woe is me. but yeah this is my poem... of not being able to write a poem! makes sense. whiich iot probably is a lousy poem, but what can you do. Anyway R&R then go read "Sky" :-D