Solanthos had heard about the portals that lead to other worlds, everyone had but he'd never really thought they'd affect him.

He was coming back from a hunting trip when he fell through the portal. It didn't hurt; actually it felt kind of nice - all tingly. He landed on the grass in a jumbled heap along with the rabbits he was carrying. He quickly untangled himself and, looking around realised to his horror that he had landed in someone's front garden. There was a pond off to his left, Solanthos ambled over to it; having reassured himself that there was no blood left on his hands or face, which wouldn't make a good first impression with the owner of the house he tucked the rabbits into his satchel along with his crystal, flint and tinder, lantern and the other bits and bobs that he carried with him on a daily basis, walked up to the door and knocked sharply.

After a few seconds the door opened a few centimetres held in place by a chain and a girls face appeared in the gap. She stared at Solanthos for a few seconds and shut the door violently. She's acting like she's never seen a dragon before. Solanthos mused to himself. He was still sitting on the doorstep when the girl reopened the door a few minutes later. "Oh dear I'm SO sorry I thought you were a." Her voice trailed off. "You are a dragon!" She squeaked. "Last time I checked" "Oh my gosh, you can come inside my parents aren't home at the moment, my name's Holli by the way, Holli Rowan what's yours." "Solanthos - Sol" Sol replied stepping in and wiping his feet. "And why does the whereabouts of your parents affect my ability to come in." "Look it's a really long story so uhh.." Holli turned into the room on her left and gestured for him to follow. The room turned out to be a kitchen. "Um do you want anything to eat, or drink, and what do dragons eat anyway?" "Same as humans mostly but we have to eat more meat than you do." "If I'm going to explain this to you I need coffee, so I'll repeat my first question do you want anything to eat or drink." "Coffee?" "Uhh, yeah don't they have it where you come from" "Well yes but it has to be imported from who knows where and it barely ever is, I've only ever had it once" "Oh, well would you like some anyway." "Um, yeah okay."

Holli went through the motions of making coffee in a sort of daze, a dragon, a real dragon she thought again and again, unable to quite get her mind around it. It was lucky that she had made coffee so many times or she would probably have ruined it. She grabbed a pair of cups and burst out "Solanthos, do you take anything in your coffee?" "Umm, no, and call me Sol" Holli started to laugh. "What's so funny?" questioned Solanthos indignantly. "The hehe w-way you hehe s-said that" Holly choked out "You acted like it was a strange question" she explained, seeing Sol's bemused look.