The Dragmire Chronicles

Twisted Fates

Early morning sunlight trickled it's way onto two young, sleeping girl's faces. They were still considered children by most, as they couldn't have possibly been older than fourteen. A few weak shafts of dappled light managed to make their way through a large oak's dense branches prodded at their eyes, bidding them to wake. The taller of the two awoke first, sitting up, her pale olive green eyes dancing upon her surroundings. She was wearing a white cotton shirt, an elaborate black & gold dragon embroidered on it. She had black pants on as well, and a leather pouch slung over a shoulder, crossing her chest, and hanging on her hip. She reached blindly at a pair of black robes neatly hung over a nearby branch, shivering as she did so. Fall's chill was rapidly making itself known in the land of Arasi ( Air-uh-see ). The girl, known by all as Koji ( Koh- Gee ) brushed several long, slightly wavy blonde locks out of her face.

No one, not even her sleeping companion, Kairi (Ki-uh-ree) , knew Koji's REAL name, nor did Koji know Kairi's. It was common knowledge that no witch, wizard, or any other magic person ever gave out their real name. They were assigned a new name by their teaching sorcerer or sorceress.

Each sorcerer or sorceress would take on a student at one point or another. The eligible children would leave home at the young age of seven, and endure rough training with their sensi. By the end of that year, they would have minor magic skills, and could defeat weak foes.

At age eight, children would be assigned another child whom were the same gender and specialized in the same magic type. These partners were then paired until they found a worthy pair of wizard partners, whom they would marry. Once the children were paired, one of the two original sorcerers or sorceress' would take both children on and teach them until they were sixteen. By age sixteen, they were on their own. There were 8 types of magic : Fire, water, air, earth, thunder, light, dark and spirit. Spirit was a very hard to learn magic, and it was EXTREMELY rare for anyone to be born with the definition of a spirit magician. Kairi and Koji were two very gifted girls who had simply been born with spirit magic in their blood.

But alas, Kairi and Koji's sensi had perished in a wizard duel when they were only eleven. And because the law forbid two children to switch Sorcerers, they had two choices: Either give up magic or teach themselves. They chose to teach themselves.

Yes, It had definitely been a rocky road, but they had come this far. They were thirteen, still alive, and all and all doing pretty well for themselves. Koji yawned, tugging on her robes, and grabbed her staff ; a long stick with a forest green grip and several decorative swan and raven feathers. On the inside of this walking-sticks twin though, there was a powerful, magical ore known only as Juno. Koji kneeled and gently prodded Kairi in the head.

"Wake up Kai, you lazy bum. The sun's already up and here you are still snoozing away." Kairi stirred and waved Koji's hand away from her brunette head. She opened her blue eyes rather blearily, and slowly sat up.

" Shut up Ko. You're the one who normally sleeps until the foxes have settled into their dens, not me." The girl stretched and stood, not bothering with her cloak. She was wearing a soft grey shirt with long sleeves made of thick black lace. She was wearing a long black skirt as well with dark blue pants underneath. She too has a pouch, although hers was made of cloth rather than leather. She instinctively picked up her staff as well. Hers had a dark red and black grip, also decorated by swan and raven feathers. "So... what should we do today? I haven't sensed a gem anywhere near here, and we already have enough power gems to last us ages. Not to mention we have most of the elements..."

Gems were small stones possessing magical powers. All weak magical people needed to preform a ritual with the power gems occasionally to boost their powers back up. Sorcerers, Sorceresses, Warlocks, and all other high magical people however, had so much magic in them, they didn't need the gems anymore. The other gems, the elemental gems, possessed the powers of certain elemental spirits. So if someone had an air gem, they could call upon a weak air spirit and use minor air abilities at their own magic loss. After learning how to control these gems properly and attaining more, whomever was using the gem could learn how to do abilities without the aid of the gems.


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