Dear aaron,

STOP PLAYING THESE MIND GAMES WITH ME! I am going to put it straight... I like you I like you A LOT. I like you so fucking much it hurts. When one minute your kissing me then the next your saying that you don't want a girlfirend. Then the next your in a realtionship! I just cannot win with you can I? Im sick and tired of crying over you and thinking of you constantly, but still not having you. Then you come along, once again and complain about how I don't want you. If you would read between the lines, you'd probabaly figure out I want you more then any of those bimbos you went out with.

Its sickening and pathetic and sad to think about how I am, how I feel when Im with you or when I think about you. I just want you out of my life, but I know that won't happen, and that on some level I don't want that to happen. The thing is that even though your constantly in my life, I will never be able to have you the way I want you!

Please just stop playing with my head and pick wheather you want me or you don't. If you can't decide, then just stop kissing me stop calling me just stop all together. please JUST STOP IT!

always yours,

Confused WiThout HoPe

A/N: THis is a little explaination of how got my sign in name here. Stupid men! grrrr or just stupid Aaron. This is based off my life.