You took my hand in yours
Led me to the middle of heaven
Looked into my unbelieving eyes
That were stinging with uncertainty
You placed your hands upon my waste
Moved them to the small of my back
And just smiled

I gently wrapped my arms around your neck
Pulling myself as close as possible to you
Did you feel my knees go weak?
I felt so safe and comfortable
Everything was just as it should've been
As I rested my head upon your shoulder
And just smiled

You let me lead, each step you followed
I dreaded the last beat this song held
I knew that everything would go back
I'd go back, back to invisibility
But these five minutes were just enough
Enough to sustain me for the rest of forever
And so I just smiled

But I can't help but continue to wonder
What happens when the music dies?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Or maybe it was just a joke?
That's what you'll tell them
And I'll just smile

Because, it doesn't matter
What any of them think
Or how you cover up a 'mistake'
I'm too far into never-neverland
To be taken back to my place in Hell
And you'll try and push me away
But I'll just smile

That one dance continues to play
Even days later, it's still going strong
The new look in your eyes
The warmth of your breath
Upon my undeserving cheeks
As fresh as the first time I saw them
And I just smile.
I know this false hope will soon fade
And tomorrow you will further prove
That never will we be together
And yet I still just smile
I just can't help myself.