Sonata at Midnight
By Jaclyn / musicnotej
September 2003


just say what you can
(i remember the stars in your eyes, once)
and if you want me to go, i'll go
leave you with nothing in your eyes
but the reflection of my shoulders
growing smaller in the window
and the candle that's flickered out
beside you on the bed

and my voice haunting the air
is- do you hate me?

and the shape of you,
small and angry and alone;
there was never enough of me
to mend what the one before this broke.


Make me smile :: musicnotej
A/N: I think I rather hate this. There's something wrong with it that I can't quite put my finger on. Thoughts? Any feedback would be much appreciated. It's different than what I usually write; it's more of a narrated story (where the heck it came from though, I can't answer). But that's not the problem. Something about the sound of it is off. The first verse bothers me...okay, stopping the self-bashing now. Yeah.