Calculus Review
By Jaclyn / musicnotej
October 2003

A/N: Bit of a satire here...but grrr, I hate math. It's not that I'm particularly bad at it or anything, it's just that I much prefer a language with WORDS. :-P

A/N #2: And AGAIN (I titled a poem with it once), I used that BtVS line from ep 702, aka "Beneath you," in which Spike says, "Can we rest now? Can we rest?" to Buffy and I stare at the screen in wide-eyed astonishment. Whoever penned that line is a genius, as is James Marsters for delivering it so damn well.


is the end of a circle and
does it ever die?
though we bloodied our
hands on the rough walls
of the rectangle
is something we know
well. a + b + c =
and that is far too long.
can we rest now? he begs;
he is falling down a square

make it stop


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