Letting Go M'Love


Time flows ever-changing, as it always has

This path has closed itself behind me

Too many tears and smiles together

Tired muscles, mine can still keep working


Broken vows and promises float here

Broken hearts aren't shattered here

Broken thoughts to keep my ming off things

Broken the tattered white flag isn't


Looking for a change to distract me here

Looking for a change in the scenery

Looking for a change in interest

Looking for a change of heart


I laughed and smiled with you

I love you and you loved me

I live through another battle

I've learned so much and still am


Wishing I could hate you now it's over

Wishing I could hold you tight

Wishing to say I love you again

Wishing we were still together


Knowing we're safe with someone else already

Knowing we will move on now

Knowing that this is better for us

Knowing doesn't change anything


Something's missing now that you're not with me

But in reality, nothing has actually changed

Except that we've freed ourselves from each other

Leaving me starting at a dazed and hazed reflection


We didn't go down with the ship

We put our hands up and surrendered

The white flag raised up above our doors

We spread our wings and fly freely


We're in love always, now and forever

Letting go is always so hard

Good luck m'love

Goodbye m'love,