The Fight

I stared across the playground and discovered that a small crowd had accumulated close to the playing field. My friends and I slowly made our way towards the mass of people, eager to see what was happening.

Suddenly I heard a loud voice shout, 'It was my secret; I can't believe you told!'

I instantly recognized that the voice belonged to Verity Osbourne. Pretty and popular she was admired by the vast majority of the school. She had the cutest boyfriend and surprisingly some of the best grades out of all the students who went to Oaks Academy.

I took a small step further to get a better view of the situation and saw Cassie Summers yell back: 'If you didn't want anyone to know then you shouldn't have told me!'

Cassie had just as much influence and power over the 'in crowd' and some of Cassie and Verity's friends were standing a few feet away looking lost as if they were confused over where their loyalties lay and who to side with in this clash of friends.

White-hot anger flashed over Verity's features; her lightly tanned skin became flushed and her crystal blue eyes glinted in madness. She took a chance and grabbed a fistful of Cassie's long, shiny, black hair.

Cassie let out a shrill scream and set a look of fierce determination in her dark eyes as she attempted to scratch Verity's hand away.

Whilst they both tried to gain the upper hand against one another I calmly walked closer until I was standing next to the girls who were becoming more and more aggressive with the second.

As I tried to separate them I felt a firm hand clamp down on my shoulder. I gingerly turned around and Mr Brownlow, the principal, came into my line of vision. He was towering above me and even thought I hadn't done anything at all I could sense that I was in trouble.