"It's been, hard days and hard nights, living without you by my side." My thoughts trailed. Trying for the past 3 days to write a song and nothing was coming. It's not that I didn't have inspiration, it's just my thoughts wouldn't form to words on the page.

10:30 PM, and I still have my History paper to write. I hate history. Who really cares about dead people who don't affect you, and all these wars that are already over. I, for one, don't. The paper was a 3-page essay on a famous person of the past. Everybody was picking George Washington, JFK, or Martin Luther King Jr., I mean God, could they at least be a little original? I on the other hand have no idea who I'm writing about. After 15 minutes of mind boggling thought, I'm deciding on Deliverance Hobbs. She was an accused witch who survived the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

After an hour I was still sitting at my desk typing away at the screen, filling up the pages with opinion after fact, and fact after opinion. Just as I had typed the final line, I heard squealing and loud music blasting out my window. Quickly I bolted up and ran down the stairs, my stepbrother Mike was supposed to be home ½ hour ago. As I flung open the front door, I caught Mike trying to get his key in the door. I glanced over his shoulder and saw 4 boys grinning and laughing hysterically at Mike's drunkenness, waved then zoomed out.

Mike was technically my stepbrother, but we grew up together, since we were 6. My mom married his dad finally about a year or so ago, and seriously the only good thing of the marriage was me and Mike's friendship. Both of us were in the 11th grade, both 16.

Michael Jeremy Dumas was tall, dark eyes and dark hair, thanks to the black dye he always uses. He looked nothing like his dad who had blonde hair and blue eyes, except for the fact that he was naturally a dark blonde. And his mom, I've never seen her, or heard of her, and I don't ask. I'd put him at about 5'9", and he was sort of skinny, but not anorexic or anything, ya know what I mean? He's a cocky person, but he's really caring once you get under his skin. He's always joking around, or playing guitar, anything as long as he can escape things, very outgoing too.

As for me, my full name is Kassondra Lee Dumas, but nobody ever calls me Kassondra, it's Kassie. I legally changed my name to this family's last name. I don't want to think about my dad, I hate him so much, and keeping my mom's maiden name, has no real meaning for me if she doesn't have it. I'm kinda short, peaking out at 5'4". My eyes are brown, and my hair is brown with red, purple, and blonde highlights. It's hard to explain, but it looks cool. Like Mike, I'm really outgoing and goofy. I hate being too serious. He taught me how to play guitar when we were 11, and we play together all the time now, it's like this special bond.

"Mike! Mom and John are going to kill you if they find you like this!" I yelled in a whisper. He just smiled and looked at me, then wrapped his arms around me.

"Kassie I love you. You are my best friend, I dunno what I'd do without you." I laughed and rolled my eyes. He always gets so lovey-dovey when he's drunk.

"C'mon Mikey, lets get you into bed. In case you forgot, we do have school tomorrow." I slung his arm over my shoulder and wrapped mine around his waist giving him the support to walk up the stairs.

Our rooms connected and mine was closer, and just as we reached the doorway, I heard the click of the 'rent's bedroom door. Quickly I shoved Mike in and closed the door softly, I heard him tumbled onto my bed. I turned around and rubbed my eyes, and faked a tired look. Through the darkness I saw my mom, she gave a small smile, kissed me on the cheek then went downstairs. That was a close one, thank god it wasn't John. I opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind me.

I slowly worked my way over to my bed where Mike was curled at the left side. I kneeled down by him and just looked at him, his breathing was heavy, and his eyes were shut. I gave him a kiss on the cheek then went to the other room and pulled off his large black comforter and brought it back covering him and tucking it around him. Then I slid in on the right side and turned out the light. Just as my eyes closed I heard Mike whisper goodnight.