I sunk down in my seat dreading my name to be called to read allowed my paper. I completely forgot that it was an oral report. Which really blows. It's only Mike's and I 6th day here, and seriously I'm not feeling it. We just moved from Birmingham MI. It's a kinda big switch since in Birmingham we had a huge house, a pool, I don't know the works. I wasn't that well liked there though, except for the few quote on quote "punks" or whatever. Sorry, I've never been into Britney or NSYNC. Then, John lost his job, and my mom has no skills, so bam, we end up here where John's family lives.

Our new house is pretty small compared to our old one. It has 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms, so I guess it's not that bad. The population of this town is so small, it's like in the movies where everyone knows everybody else. Not to sound bitchy, but the people here mostly suck too. They are cliquey, and just very aggravating, I guess they aren't big on welcoming people.

Then, the inevitable happened, "Let's Dumas up here now".

Slowly I gathered my stuff together and trudged to the front of the room, turning and facing my peers. Just as I predicted, everyone before me did a well accepted, well known, over-done famous person. I rolled my eyes and looked at my paper, then in a very bored voice I started reciting my paper. After I read the final like I looked up and saw the jaws of all my classmates', including the teacher, dropped. All except for two. The one with bleach blonde hair and an all black shirt with some chains was nodding his head. Then the other one who had sort of long black hair and a lip ring had his eyebrows raised but looked impressed. They both stood up and clapped loudly, and I just shook my head and laughed.

I glanced one more time around the room then worked my way back to my seat in the back right corner. After about 5 minutes of silence the teacher cleared her throat and stepped back up to the front, then clapped half-heartedly. She finally spoke.

"Wow, Kassondra that was quite." she trailed off and looked around nervously, "interesting".

Class drug on and on, and it was a struggle to keep awake, finally that damn bell rang. I sat there for a second wondering if it really had rung or if I dreamt it. I stood and slung my black bookbag over my shoulder and started out. Just as I was turning out of the doorway the 2 guys from before fell into step with me.

"Kassondra that was-" the one with brown hair started, and I cut him off, "it's Kassie." "Fine, Kassie, anyway. It was AWESOME, I haven't seen those expressions in a really long time. I mean they expect that kinda stuff out of us."

"Yeah well, I had to write about somebody who actually stood for something. Even though she confessed when she was innocent, she still survived," I said looking at them and continued walking. They walked faster to keep up with me.

"My name is Billy that's Paul. You're new here right, do you like it here?" the other one said with a small smiled on his lips.

"Very new. Not even a week. I don't really know anybody, but I guess it's all right. It could be worse, I could be in jail or something" I shrugged and they laughed.

"Well, you know us, and you can hang with us anytime." Billy confirmed then added, "come with us to lunch. You can meet some of our other friends", "yeah sure".

For some reason, I was anxious to meet the others. Billy and Paul seemed really nice, but that could be an act right? I mean I don't really know them at all. Something told me that I could go with them, let's just hope my instincts are right for once. We left the school building and then went around the back. A little way ahead you could see 2 boys chilling there. As we got closer you could see they looked pretty much identical.

"Guys this is Kassie" Paul said as he plopped down on the grass closing his eyes. I looked at the 2 new boys.

"Hey Kassie, I'm Joel" A guy with black hair and dark eyes said. He was in a white wife-beater and jean shorts. You could see a few tattoos on his arms, I was looking at them thinking how good they looked when he said something else. "And you call him Benjamin" he nodded to the other boy.

"Dude! Shut up! It's Benji," the other one said. Benji was a little shorter than Joel. His hair was black with a patch of pink. He had even more tattoos and the piercings had me staring. Not a bad stare, just most of the guys where I'm from didn't have any piercings, only Mike.

I slid down to the ground pulling my knees up to my chest, and then the others started asking me questions about my old school. After I told them about it they shook their heads. "It sounds like here" Paul declared with a groan. Lunchtime went really fast, the bell rang and we all pulled ourselves up, heading back inside. Only half of the day left to go, hope I can make it.