When the sun goes down,

When the moon rises up,

When the stars shimmer,

When the sky darkens,

I would unlock you,

Let you out,

Let you take over.

I would sit on the balcony,

Looking at the nightsky,

holding a pillow in my arm,

and imagine.

In my dreams,

you are there,

holding me in your arm;

giving me your warmth;

whispering into my ears;

and leting the wind carry

us into the fantasy world.

I opened my eyes.


everything is impossible.

I am being a fool.

You wouldn't hold me,

not even in my dreams.

You were never there.

You are not there.

You will never be there

You were never mine

You are not mine.

You will never be mine.

Dreams shatter into pieces.

World burn in to ashes

I stand there alone,

still holding a pillow in my arm,

but locked up the feelings.

They lead me to danger.

They lead me to harm.

They lead me to sadness.

I've had it enough.

No more and no less.