Slit Wrist Theory

Theory: a non-proven fact; a fiction
Slit Wrist Theory: when one believes taking their life is the only way out
But after this life there is no escape. Is that a risk you are
willing to take?
Her body aches
As the tears fall down her cheeks
And she is spit on, and she bleeds
As he makes her feel like a whore, but he even told her he loved her before
Oh God rape is such a tragedy
Death could not be worse than this
Some things people fear more than dying
Children are abused can you hear them crying?
In a world with no hope
This world gives up on life
In this world believes in the Slit Wrist Theory
In this world that can never find peace (without Jesus)
All the sinners' want is the love that we refuse them
Their blood is on your head
Her name means fight
A word, which perfectly portrays her life
Her father abused her after her mother left
The very guys that told her they loved her have raped her
And now they call her a whore
The boy that sits next to her in school everyday
Never showing her the love of God that he knew
He never told her about Jesus
Her blood is now on his head
She is dead
She walked home and filled up the tub
Sat down in the water with a slit on each wrist
She died within 50 minutes
It's a story that has gone on way too long and here in hell Satan's slit
wrist theory victims screams and blood is on your heads Christians