i try to talk to you, to speak;
but the sounds, they never come out.
so i put my thoughts to words and
they flow out of me, thru my fingers
like a river: crashing, flowing,
tearing down all that is in its way
on a one-way course to your heart.
emotions come on strong in rapids
crashing along the sharp rocks
of logic, creating white wispy waves,
little symbols of love, that spray up
mist and cool your face in the strong hot
heat of love. and they keep coming
these thoughts, one rush of power,
one broken dam of rational thinking
after another until i get the feeling
that your drowning, maybe. the currents
of my passion have a strong undertow,
and instead of pulling you under i close
them off and let you swim to the safety
of the shore, far away from my too strong
love and thoughts and emotions crashing
by as they flow thru my fingers to you.
~kcs '03~